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Auto Recycling is Not Just Giving, its Also Taking.

Taking parts you need is just as important as bringing in your vehicle or trading it in at a dealer. This is because the vehicles in our yard for the most part have perfectly working parts that save the earth tons on packaging, including plastics and cardboard, etc… that all head for landfill.

There are many reasons for going to a recycling place like PARC when looking for auto parts for their vehicles. Most of these center on pricing, but they also include convenience as well. There are plenty of stores selling brand new items, but most all are over inflated, paying two or even three times or more the amount you would pay for parts found at PARC.

By doing it yourself, you not only bring down your expenses on repairs, but increase your knowledge on your vehicle. Taking the parts you need from another car or truck benefits everyone from the earth to the economy.

Auto Recycling and Picking Your Own Parts

So how do you get started? It’s actually pretty easy. This is because PARC has an amazing staff and each one of them know where your part is or can get it nearby. Additionally our staff can help you figure out what part you need to replace, show you where to find it and even help you procure the tools you need to remove it.

Don’t have the tools you need for the job or have no idea what to use or have? Have no toolbox? Did you know we also can rent you the tools you need if you have none! Standard, metric, wrenches, screwdrivers, you need it we got it.

If this seems a bit too overwhelming, we even have a full service program to get the part for you. This way you still come in and get what you need for pennies on the dollar and don’t even need to get dirty doing it. So no matter what, we got you covered, as we are your one-stop repository of automotive parts.

Come on down and visit us today, or call us to have us point you in the right direction.

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