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Auto Salvage in Los Angeles. The Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving

Every year, recycling continues on and every year auto salvage in Los Angeles and across the United states is still the most recycled consumer product over all. In fact, the percentage of autos salvaged and recycled in the USA is now close to 100% And because of this hundreds of thousands of people have jobs and revenue from this recycling helps our economy with over $30 billion each year in related sales. This is great news as each time you salvage an auto, you’re giving a huge present to the United States.

Almost all autos, even the ones given as trade-ins to car lots, dealerships etc… will eventually be turned over to the scrap yards like PARC and once there – every single one of them are salvaged for parts like glass, plastic, metals and fluids as well as resold windshields, auto parts, tires, wheels, seats, doors, hoods, steering wheels, engines, transmissions – just about everything. Then the leftover scrap metal is then recycled and melted down into usable forms to be put back into products again. It’s a wonderful cycle and practically everyone contributes to it.

Auto Salvage Better Statistics for Los Angeles and Abroad.

There are more than 18 million tons of usable steel scrapped from salvage yards being reused right back into the steel industry in the USA. Not all of recyclables from autos are steel though. After all the parts and pieces have been sold, the rest of materials are used as well, in fact about 85% or more is used in this process. What’s even better is that the auto your driving will contain some 25% or more of recycled elements throughout the vehicle!

PARC Recycling is happy to be a part of this process and looks forward to 2018 as we will contribute even more to our economy and be a huge part of preserving our environment as we continually strive to give you the best prices and service in Los Angeles in auto salvage. Give us a call today!

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