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How to Find Jobs in Auto Recycling and Salvage Centers

It may surprise some people, but the auto recycling business is a multi-billion-dollar industry that is expected to continue to grow with job opportunities over the years. With the focus on initiatives to improve the environment, the auto industry is looking towards salvage as a way to cut down on the carbon emissions from old cars and recycling auto-parts to help the planet. With this being a common expectation in the industry, job availability is expected to grow.

Auto recycling is a multistage operation from communicating inventory, dismantling, cleaning, and organizing parts. It endures many stages of production to provide a quality experience for visitors. You can find a job directly in the yard, in the auto warehouse, or the office depending on what you’re looking for.

Jobs Available in Auto Recycling and Salvage Centers

Depending on your work background there is likely a place for you whether you want to on the field on in the office. Auto recycling and salvage centers are usually small businesses that require both office assistance and yard support to help run the business. At Pacific Auto Recycling Center we hire both office and field employees. Below are the positions available in both office and field positions at the typical auto recycling and salvage centers.


Inventory Specialist: work related to tracking the incoming and outgoing inventory at the auto-recycling center. This job entails monitoring the sales of OREM parts online and in-person. Knowing what’s available to sell and what is unavailable to sell. Inventory management is a keyword to look for.

Office Managers: responsible for providing supervision to the office assistants and excellent communication skills for customers. This type of position requires recording monthly audits, conflict resolution, and maintaining order around the office. This is the typical managerial position that requires maintaining private documentation and enforcing business policies and procedures.

Administrative Assistants: this position requires ample customer service by answering phones, responding to emails, and filing paperwork. As administrative assistants, the job duties vary from filing employee paperwork and doing projects as assigned by management like updating spreadsheets and filing time-off requests.


Automobile Parts Disabler/Puller/Dismantler: duties include salvaging parts from old automobiles at the auto-recycling by using dismantling tools from power tools, hand tools, cutters, and torches. As well as cleaning auto parts using degreasing machines and cleaning solvent. A large bulk of the job is pulling, washing, and maintaining automobiles. Individuals are expected to perform manual labor duties like handling and lifting materials weight up to 70 lbs. You may be exposed to varying weather conditions and loud noises. Maintaining safety procedure standard when operating equipment and handling scrap metal. Also, organizing car parts is frequent in these roles.

Delivery Driver: drivers use tow-trucks to retrieve old cars from customers, and this requires knowledge of how to hook and tie cars to tow trucks for safe removal. These positions also deliver scrap metals directly to the buyers. So, the common requirement for this job requires having a valid commercial driver’s license. The biggest take away from this job is delivering and retrieving auto-parts.

Yard Attendant/ Salvage Yard Tech: attendants are required to have their driver’s license, operate a forklift, and maintain the vehicles on the lot. You’ll be expected to guide customers on the lot to the location of the automobiles and parts. Prepare for staying in an outdoor environment and using safety precautions toward potential hazards that come from moving cars and operating heavy equipment.

There are plenty of opportunities in the growing business of auto-recycling. At Pacific Auto Recycling Center, we not only buy CRV, scrap metal, and collect E-Waste, but we also value initiatives to make a difference in sustainability in our environment. Give us a call at (661) – 949 – 0048 or come visit us at 225 W Avenue H, Lancaster, CA.

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