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How To Find The Right Auto-Recycling Center?

According to the Automobile Recycling Association cars are the most recycled item in the USA, which makes Auto Recycling the 16th largest industry in the USA. This billion dollar industry employs hundred-thousands of employees and provides consumers the option of selling old car parts. Whether you’re buying or selling, a reputable auto-recycling center offers peace of mind and the satisfaction of helping the environment. Any transaction should be based on ethical practices and prioritize your safety as the consumer.

Since there are over 9,000 auto recycling centers in the USA, our options have expanded. So, how do we find the right the auto-recycling center? What should we consider? Low-risk titling-washing, honest pricing, and good environmental practices are all elements to consider when searching for the right fit.

To learn more, let’s get started.

Low Risks of Title Washing & Theft

Title-washing is the attempt to hide damage information on vehicles and parts for sale. It’s especially common if the car has been through extreme weather-related damage like flooding. As the home for rare finds from old police cars, trolleys, race cars, classic cars, and many more. Salvage yards can be vulnerable to title washing and shady practices if you’re dealing with a center with a bad reputation that doesn’t value ethics.

Reputable auto-recycling centers correctly label cars that have withstanding water damage or loss titles. There is no secret on end-of-life vehicles here. It’s likely you won’t find a stolen vehicle on the lot because of the owner verification process screens each car. A car without a Vehicle Identification Number won’t sell. Sellers without car registration won’t get very far at a legitimate auto recycling centers. Having DMV clearance is a good start to any salvage experience. It’s likely you’re in the right place if your local auto-recycling center often buys from insurance auctions and confirms DMV certification clearance from sellers.

Honest Pricing

The right auto-recycling center won’t try to cheat you by offering zero-dollars for your old car. A majority of car parts are reusable and valued at a reasonable price. So, even if the car is old or not running, they should be offering a price for your vehicle and or free towing. A red flag to look for is any business pretending they’re doing you a favor by taking your car without an offer and charging you for towing expense. If you’re looking to buy OEM parts, their inventory should be accessible and easy to navigate whether online or in-person. Research averages and asks about their rates before committing.

They Care About the Environment

It’s easy to overlook salvage yards as being one of the front-runners for reducing the carbon footprint and improving the environment. A significant reason why auto-recycling continues to grow as a multi-billion dollar industry is because of an increase in global environmental initiatives. Automobile-recycling centers are titans for the worldwide effort on saving the planet by reducing emissions and litter from improper auto disposals. Cars require proper disabling and removal. If left neglected, it could account for disruption in marine life, as these auto parts may litter the ocean if not properly recycled. Car manufacturing endures multiple stages of production to provide quality parts and experience. No matters its the age and wear, metal still holds value because it can create something new. Which is why old cars are fantastic scrap metal sites, because the parts are still valuable and capable of recycling. Same with oil, with abandoned vehicles there is likely residual oil. Is it thrown out? Nope! Surprisingly old engine oil can be taken, refined, and reused in other cars. Doing this saves time, energy, and resources by reducing oil drilling and excessive fracking. Which further reduces greenhouses gas emissions. A reputable auto recycling center will have established methods of recycling the parts they acquire, ask about their process and learn about how they’re helping the environment in their practice.

With 75 years of existence, the automobile recycling industry is consistently growing as more legislation is placed to protect the environment. As a potential buyer or seller, you should have peace of mind in knowing there is a low risk of title washing, honest pricing, and good environmental practices when you seek out services. At Pacific Auto Recycling Center we offer full services part sales, DMV cleared vehicles and customer satisfaction with just a phone call away (661-949-0048) or come visit us at 225 W Avenue H, Lancaster, CA.


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