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Recycled OEM Car Parts are the Best Option

Experts say that recycled OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) car parts are the best choice for reliability when repairing your car on a budget.
It’s happened to the best of us, our cars break down! When a car needs repair or replacement of car parts there are three options for the car owner or repair shop to choose from.

Types of Car Parts

When it comes to car parts, you can choose to purchase from either OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) car parts, aftermarket car parts or recycled OEM car parts.

The first option is OEM car parts. OEM car parts stand for Original Equipment Manufacturer, this means those car parts are made and sold by the original manufacturer such as’ Toyota or Honda, and not by a third party company. These types of car parts are the most expensive but offer the superior reliability and best results since they are made specifically for a certain car.

Another option is the aftermarket car parts. Aftermarket car parts are made by third-party companies and not the cars’ original manufacturer. They are less expensive because although they intend to do the same thing as OEM car parts and are generally made with the same materials, they can sometimes look, feel or perform differently.

The final option is recycled OEM car parts. These original parts have been previously used in other vehicles and then recycled. Pacific Auto Recycling Center collects and creates a large inventory and resells OEM car parts at lower prices. This means that you are still getting the same quality of OEM car parts but at the price of aftermarket car parts. This is a good option for people who are looking to maintain good quality in their cars without breaking the bank.

Types of Car Parts

There are many benefits to purchasing recycled OEM car parts. Keep in mind, regardless of whether they have been recycled or not, OEM car parts were made to fit your car safely and precisely.

Primarily, you should purchase recycled OEM car parts when you don’t want to spend too much money to repair an old car on a new part but still want the security of original parts. It will reduce repair costs without sacrificing quality.

Besides the cost, Pacific Auto Recycling Center is helping the economy by enforcing consumer choice in the market when they sell recycled OEM car parts. The consumers are not limited to buying costly new parts, Pacific Auto Recycling Center gives them options.

Lastly but very important is that everything recycled helps our environment to preserve natural resources and to decrease pollution. Check out our article here about the Benefits of Scrap Recycling.

How to Identify good recycled OEM Car Parts

When buying recycled OEM car parts from Pacific Auto Recycling Center you don’t have to worry about distinguishability, PARC will always sell you genuine recycled OEM parts.

Here is some advice on how to identify the right, original, and reliable parts you are looking for.

The most important thing to do is to ask “what types of parts are you selling to me?”, or “what types of parts are being used in my car?”
Making it clear to the seller that you are aware of the different types of car parts that exist will help to ensure that sellers are not giving you fluff for your money. Per California law, sellers must tell you the truth about what they are selling or using so just make sure to always ask.

For more information about recycled OEM car parts or to check out our inventory visit our website at weareparc.com or give us a call at (661) 949-0048. Our yard is located at 225 West Avenue H, Lancaster, CA 93534.

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