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Skills Needed to Work in the Auto Recycling and Salvage Industry

In the USA, the auto recycling industry takes in billions of dollars in annual sales. The auto recycling industry employs hundreds of thousands of people throughout the states in both office and field positions. With this industry expected to grow due to environmental incentives, job availability is going to increase as a result. So, what are the common requirements and skills needed to work in the auto recycling and salvage industry? Find out more below.

Mechanical Skills

For individuals interested in fieldwork, examining the condition of the transmission and engine is going to be a common occurrence, as these are the most sold parts of automobiles. Acquiring a mechanics certificate is essential in the field. Candidates with direct experience in using machines, power tools, and hand tools paired with apprenticeship experience are also acceptable. In addition to mechanical skills, acquiring a commercial driver’s license provides an advantage among other field workers.

Communication and Customer Service Skills

Like with most industries communication is emphasized as a top-contending skill to have. By being able to engage kindly and clearly with the public and co-workers gives any potential jobseeker an advantage among the competition.

You’ll be expected to answer questions about the condition of the cars, i.e., blown out motors, broken bumpers, and more. As well as questions about scraps from metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling. People call-in asking about stainless steel, lead, zinc, and aluminum materials. There are even a lot of inquiries about CRV and e-Waste because some people are not aware that old TV’s, computers, washers, stoves, and water heaters are discarded or sold at salvage centers. It all depends on the type of salvage center you choose to work at, some primarily deal with auto parts while others, like Pacific Auto Recycling Center, handle CRV as well.

Bonus: excellent negotiation skills is something to add to your resume because there is plenty of negotiations when selling old cars.

Knowledge About the Environment

It’s important to know the basics about auto-recycling and salvage, there is common terminology you need to be familiar with from the difference to OREM parts and different metals. In addition to knowing the basics language and common terms used at auto-recycling centers, it’s important to know a bit about the environment. You’ll be surprised how many questions you may receive from inquiring individuals or environmental activists. People want to know the salvage yard their using employs good ethics about the environment. Auto-recycling centers are more than just junkyards, they are places where real improvement is made by reselling and properly disposing of automobiles and scrap metals.

OSHA Trained, Safety First

There is a lot that happens at an auto recycling center, from breaking down cars, burning parts, and wading through heaps of metals. Whether you’re using cleaning solvents or weighing the scrap metal and sorting it with like materials by hand or machine, safety awareness is a must. Safety is an essential requirement that shouldn’t be overlooked. Part of safety requirements revolve taking directions, so make sure to emphasis you’re good at following directions in your cover letter.

General Education:

Almost all positions typically require a high school diploma or equivalent and depending on the position mechanics certifications is required. For office duties proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite is expected, as well as50 word-per-minute typing speed is expected for the administrative roles.

There are plenty of opportunities in the growing business of auto-recycling. At Pacific Auto Recycling Center, we not only buy CRV, scrap metal, and collect E-Waste, but we also value initiatives to make a difference in sustainability in our environment. Give us a call at (661) 949-0048 or come visit us at 225 W Avenue H, Lancaster, CA.

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