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Scrap Metal Los Angeles Get’s You Cash!

There is no faster or easier way to get cash in your hands than to recycle and at Pacific Recycling Auto Recycling Center (PARC) we got you covered! People typically don’t realize the amount of scrap they have access to on a daily basis. From autos to old metal siding, there’s all kinds of ways to make some money with what’s lying around. PARC accepts most metal and auto items which includes everything from appliances to fencing, bicycles, lawn mowers and machinery, etc.

PARC is a scrap metal and recycling company who purchase and sells both metal and auto scrap locally and nationally. If you are in the market to buy or sell any type of auto and basic scrap metal, we are here to help.

We offer removal and cash for any junk car, so give us a call to see how we can help. At PARC, you do not have to wait long to say goodbye to your unwanted junk car or scrap metal and say hello to cash!

Our facility is equipped to handle everything from small loads of household scrap to large loads of commercial scrap for metal and auto salvage. REMEMBER! We pay CASH for scrap metal!

In Los Angeles, scrap metal recycling is perfect for mechanics, plumbers, contractors, electricians and others who frequently salvage metal from homes and commercial buildings. Instead of allowing scrap to pollute the environment, give us a call and do your part by increasing your bottom line while reducing harmful effects on the environment.

We Also Sell Quality OEM and Scrap Parts as well. Call us today!

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The Benefits of Scrap Recycling

Recycling takes hard work. You have to collect and put together your scraps, find a recycling center to take it to, load it up in your car and transport it to the location of your choice or to Pacific Auto Recycling Center in Lancaster, California. Nowadays, everyone is busy with family, work, and just life overall; why would anyone take extra time out of their day to take the steps necessary to recycle scraps?