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Why the Need for Auto Salvage in Los Angeles

Throughout the United States, auto salvage has grown in importance as the number of cars kept in working condition has dropped significantly over the past decades. Nationally, vehicles kept in service have dropped from just under 15 years around the 1960’s to 3-5 years today. Because of this, the amount of cars found all over the USA abandoned has increased in staggering numbers. Auto salvage in Los Angeles has grown quite a bit, however it has failed to keep up as the combination of high production and short life has increased the number of automobiles junked or abandoned each year.

Ironically, with the ever increasing amount of recyclable vehicles available, the past 10 or so years there have been a declining in actually scrapping them. This is due in part to our decline in the steel industry. By importing our steel, we have left mountains of it unprocessed as the price of steel scrap and auto scrap has fallen.

PARC’s Commitment to Auto Salvage

For most auto salvage yards, including PARC, the auto scrapping process is comprised of stripping off all metal, rubber, glass, fluids and plastics to be either disposed of, or piled together to be shipped to steel and other mills based on their type. This process is pretty quick, taking as little as 90 days for the entire process, but unfortunately these vehicles may take years to make it to the scrapping process.

Because of the amount of more cars being junked each year and fewer being processed into steel; a huge problem of pollution has now been created. Because most wrecking yards are filled to capacity, many of them will just dump vehicles in huge pits and long-stretching auto graveyards.

PARC has the ability to beat these statistics by offering multiple levels of recycling to the public. This includes the ability to recover auto parts still in usable and like-new condition to the public and a highly discounted rate. Additionally PARC will pay for vehicles to be recycled, and this service has helped in local pollution throughout the Los Angeles area including Lancaster and Palmdale.

PARC’s Solution to Auto Salvage is Important for Los Angeles

Locally, the city governments across the county are spending an increasing amount of time and money on efforts to dispose of abandoned cars. And for the most part, the disposal of non-operational, wrecked or abandoned vehicles has also been a public concern as the increased pollution has had an impact in the surrounding areas. But most people are unaware or unsure of what to do.

PARC knows it is vital to take a fresh look at this problem of vehicle abandonment. Its goal is to provide a solution with an opportunity. This is why PARC has made strides in helping the local communities by offering auto parts, paying for salvaged vehicles and scrapping the leftovers through recycling. Give us a call today and let’s help each other in making the Los Angeles area beautiful through auto salvage and recycling.

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