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Family-Friendly Activities to Recycle and Save the Planet

Each year new laws are passed to promote eco-friendly changes, and to prepare people to take notice of climate change. Lifestyle changes or eco-friendly modifications don’t have to be scary; they are opportunities to learn about climate change. Small modifications can make significant changes over the years. Introducing the concept of recycling, reducing, and reusing to help save the planet and save money!

Everyone can be involved in making the world a better place to live in today when it comes to eco-friendly choices. We may turn these choices into learning moments that represent more than the environment, but family activities that promote lessons on money management, discipline, and the importance of having a routine when it comes to recycling and choices that affect the environment.

Here are a couple of family-friendly changes you can make get involved in the change:

CRV Allowance

Children can collect plastic bottles to earn more cash; each bottle is worth CRV 5¢ when they take them to Pacific Auto Recycling Center or any recycling center near you in California.

This way children can learn the value of saving and build a habit of collecting bottles for recycling rather than throwing them off. Make this a teachable moment by explaining each plastic bottle that’s thrown away can end up in the ocean and stay there for years, which harms plant life. In the future, introduce reusable water bottles to save time and money, and to reduce the use of plastics.

Tip: take the cap off empty water bottles and crush the bottle to save on storage space. The value of the bottle doesn’t alter, and you save a ton of space.

D.I.Y Activities

We all know that if we start something at a young age and continue to practice it, we’ll be experts by the time we are adults. Habits are so important, get your kids into the habit of recycling! Teach them the value of things so that when they become young adults, they are conscious of everything that can be taken to a local recycling center instead of to the trashcan. Do this by creating “superhero cuffs” out of toilet paper rolls with paint and construction paper. Or collect used bottle lids and drink tops to make a rainbow! My favorite activity is to use old crayons to create new ones. All you have to do is break old crayons into pieces, place them into a muffin tin, and bake them for 15 minutes. If you use the colors blue, green and white you can create and earth crayon for Earth Day!

Reward Decluttering Efforts

Any reason is a good reason to create an ice cream trip!From good report cards to kids helping decluttering the garage. Separate plastics that can be recycled, encourage them to learn what is acceptable to recycle and what to discard. Make it an experience and collect toys, clothes, or electronics no longer used. Then take a quick trip to an ice cream shop or any recreational activity near the local charity or recycling center near you. Is your recycling center near a pizza place? Well, their efforts can be rewarded with a trip to a pizza place to create lasting memories.

Movie Days

Back in the day we would leave the Animal Planet channel on T.V., so it was easy to get caught up in a documentary talking about climate change and animals. Now, with the introduction of streaming platforms and rental boxes,we can actively choose what to watch. Green theme movies and T.V. shows are the way to go when selecting a movie to watch for your family. Separatedby age here are great movies that inspire environmental awareness for the entire family:

By age:

Ages 5 +

  • The Lorax
  • Wall-E
  • Bambi
  • Finding Nemo
  • March of the Penguins
  • Happy Feet

Ages 13 +

  • Avatar
  • Chasing Ice

Reward Waste Reduction

Have the kids switched over to power saving appliances? Help them change light bulbs for small rewards when your PG & E is lower. Reminders like “turn off the lights in your room when you’re not using them”or“turn off the water while brushing your teeth”, are all great ways to build awareness.

Creative DIY Bins

Decorate bins for toys and supplies that are ready to be discarded. Having a visual of how many recyclables we throw away helps to promote mindfulness of what to reduce. Create useful bins for old batteries lightbulbs and other electronic waste. Maybe you’ll notice you really don’t need new tech or toys next time you’re at the store.And if your find that your kids are always breaking the phone charger or other electronics take your broken equipment to the nearest e-waste center like Pacific Auto Recycling center instead of throwing them out.

Overall, more significant changes are evident by the smaller changes we make in our day-to-day lives.We can create change when it comes to our environment and it all start with awareness. These tasks create awareness at a young age and involve the whole family! At Pacific Auto Recycling Center, we not only buy CRV, car scraps, and collect E-waste but we also value initiatives to make a difference in sustainability and in our environment. Give us a call at (661)-949-0048 or come visit us at 225 W Avenue H, Lancaster, CA.

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