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When is it Time to Sell an Old Car?

Cars hold personal history when it comes towards everyone’s lives.Either you live around cars or spend a great deal of time in them. The value of cars is almost contradictory, they represent investments that don’t put cash directly in our pockets. They’re valuable because they get us to our destinations with safety and comfort. They’re a valuable investment that don’t always increase in price yearly, but in personal sentiment. But what happens when are cars stop holding value? When it’s time to part-ways, we’re looking for signs as to when is the right time to sign sell an old car?

There are couple of things to consider whether it be insurance write-offs, numbers, seasons, needs, and more.

When is your car write-off too costly?

Surprisingly, writing off a car doesn’t always mean it’s not able to drive. It’s an insurance decision. There are different categories for write-offs. When a car insurance companies label cars as “total loss,” this means the vehicle is inoperable to drive safely or is the car is beyond economical repair. Car insurance is intended to ensure drivers safety, but it’s also a business, so there needs to price value in covering the insured car.

Insurance companies subject damaged vehicles to repair-value-ratios, this calculates the original value of your vehicle with the cost of mechanic repairs. For example, a 50% repair ratio is added to a car worth 2,000 dollars. When the repairs exceed 1,000 dollars, that’s over the 50% rate, so the car is deemed beyond economical repair.

Most states apply the ratio to the total loss formula. What’s the difference? The total formula adds your old car’s scrap value plus the mechanic repairs. Per example, if the scrap cost $600 and repairs are $1000, that’s $1600, 80% of the original car value. California follows TLF formula by 75%, and the amount varies by state. Paying insurance on a car that costs more to repair than to buy is not economical. Car value depreciates yearly. At this point, the best option for your insurance may be to offer a cash-out value.

This is when we should pull out our calculators. Write-offs don’t always equal to banned from the road, it’s just not economically valuable for an insurance company to fix your car.  Car insurance is competitive industry, different companies have different rates for calculating repair. They also want to save money on their end. Consider adding up the value of your car parts and salvage the remains. Contacting your nearest auto recycling center, like Pacific Auto Recycling Center might offer better cash value for your parts, as well as free-towing services.

When it’s Tax Season.

We’ve all heard that spring and summer is the best time to sell an old car. The great deals are happening when everyone is grinning from their tax returns. A basic rule of sales comes down to timing, so consider the seasons when buyers are more likely to offer more for your car or parts

When it’s collecting dust.

While your car may not be a write-off, there are other factors to consider when it’s time to sell your old car. In addition to registration fees a car’s mileage exceeding 100,000 is a good indication the time is near. Mileage is important to consider because depending on the model, reaching a mileage peak causes transmission damage. Added mileage is costly from the frequent oil changes, brake changes,and tire replacements. This may keep you from wanting to drive the old car. When the vehicle starts collecting garage dust, and as we all know, cars depreciate in value yearly, it might be time for a trade.


Numbers aside, we all have intuitive knowledge about when it’s time to parts ways for something that no longer serves us. If an old or damaged car is taking space in your garage and causing an eye sore that may be your sign. Everyone has different personal and financial reasons for selling their old cars. Knowing the numbers are great ways to consider this, but ultimately the decision is up to you.

Find out how much your old car is worth by visiting Pacific Auto Recycling Center today. They will buy your old car and parts too. Visit them online at weareparc.com or give them a call at (661) 949-0048.

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