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Why We Celebrate Earth Day to Help the Environment

Ideally, we’d all make constant changes to improve the environment. The purpose of Earth Day is not meant to only be practiced once a year. It’s intended to create global awareness of the changes we need to make daily, while also celebrating the efforts being made. What makes Earth Day unique is that it’s a day in which everyone can participate, no matter your cultural background or age and without too much effort.

The reason we celebrate other holidays is because of their cultural significance and because they are part of tradition. For example,Thanksgiving Day is a national event in the USA based on harvesting and gratitude, the principles of gratitude don’t disappear just because the holiday has passed. Earth Day is the chance to help the environment and engage your community. Earth day makes a difference because, for one day, you have a billion people actively helping the environment through group and individual efforts.

How it Began

Earth day began in 1969 by Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, after he witnessed the damages from an oil-spill in Santa Barbara, California. This inspired Senator Nelson to create Earth Day to honor our planet. Originally it was meant to begin as a “national teach-in about the environment,” according to earthday.org. It was widely successful and led to the passing of the Clean Air and Water acts, as well as the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EDA). The event officially went global in 1990, gaining participation with 200 million people in 141 countries. Recently, it’s expanded to 192 countries, and over a billion of people participate in the event each year. The global consciousness towards climate change has resulted in people changing destructive behaviors and making policy changes to help the environment.

The Result

Earth day has inspired multiple environmental projects, agencies, and laws to be created. For instance, the Canopy Project started by the Earth Network in 2010, has made it its mission to reforest areas of need in the world. Areas hit by fires, hurricanes, floods, quakes, and other natural disasters are reforested through the Canopy Project. The project provides long-term achievements like more food, sustainability, and quality air-filtration because trees produce oxygen.

The organization has already planted a billion trees and aims to plant one tree per person, that’s 7.8 billion trees by 2020 for Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. There are so many environmental activist agencies whose daily mission is to explore options to improve the world that may go unnoticed, but like with most other holidays, Earth day correctly centers its platform on these accomplishments, so they don’t go unnoticed.

Brings Community Together

Environmental changes are something that affects everyone on the planet; this may be an uncomfortable fact, but it doesn’t need to be. Earth day promotes community involvement and solutions rather than blame or guilt. It’s a way to remind ourselves to continue the principles of recycling use and reduce. According to the Earth day network, 1 billion people celebrate Earth Day each year or participate in activities like planting treats, clean up, switching to more natural products, picking up trash, recycling and, unplugging idle electronics. Earth day is centered around our respective communities, although it’s a global event part of the appeal towards making substantial changes is to take in our respective communities because the local changes impact the globe as a whole.

A Reminder

Earth day serves as a helpful reminder to what we could be changing in our lifestyles could have an impact on the environment. In a way, every day is earth day when we make the choice to  reduce, reuse, and recycle. The official day serves as a helpful reminder, that we what we need to change in our lifestyles to have a meaningful impact and lasting change for the future. The effort from taking public transportation or switching to more natural products are great solutions. Simply staying informed is a great reason to continue celebrating Earth Day for the years to come.

Earth day is celebrated to bring awareness to the ever-changing climate, there’s always room for growth and more people can still learn about it. The mass effort to bring a focused platform geared towards education on the environment has been successful. Although nearly a month later, the effects of Earth day remind us that our small habits can be impactful in the right way.

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