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Why Is Electronics Recycling So Important?

Rich Source of Raw Materials

Did you know there’s a huge amount of Gold and other precious materials in electronic waste? And did you know that the materials found in electronic waste that is up to 50 times richer than those same materials mined from the earth?  Did you know that plastic from electronic waste can be recycled over and over? It’s amazing how we have such a huge problem or e-waste and so little solutions in dealing with it.

Toxic Materials Being Released Into The Environment

E-waste or electronic waste, such as old electronics, phones, TVs, etc… all carry toxic and even deadly materials like lead, chromium, mercury, and cadmium. The materials contaminate soil, water and even the air as some gasses are released as they decompose. Additionally corrosion of wires and other substances add to this problem. This is why it is vital to properly dispose of you old phones, computers and other electronics properly.

PARC recognizes the growing problem, not only locally but across the USA and even the world is that most places have no control over the amount of waste being thrown away or tossed as pollution into the environment. The ever-increasing amount of toxins being releases into our eco systems is staggering and is now being identified as the source of health risks for humans, animals and the environment.

Solid Waste Management

PARC has a mission to help be a part of the solution when it comes to the huge increase in electronics development disposal. The electronics industry, although putting out amazing new technology, it is almost daily these new devices make the one you have obsolete. The product life-spans of electronics is becoming increasingly shorter and shorter.

Please bring your e-waste or electronic waste to PARC and we’ll make sure it is recycled properly.

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