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Los Angeles Auto or Vehicle Recycling

Did you know that the car or truck you are driving today will be a huge source of recyclable materials if you decide to recycle it in the future? Often times, a vehicle has depreciated so much in value, looks and performance – most people just want to get rid of it. But almost 80% percent of your auto can be recycled with a return value to you. Additionally, throughout the life of your car or truck, there are many repairs that end up with “cores” or replaced items that are just as recyclable and more often may give you money in your pocket. PARC is here to make this happen for you.

Here are some facts and statistics about auto recycling that is both interesting and amazing

  • Every year, automotive recycling in general will save 85 million barrels of oil or so just from used made new or replacement parts from vehicles.
  • Automobiles are the most recycled and material rich recycled item all over the world
  • The 16th largest industry in the United States is vehicle recycling
  • Every year, over 25 million tons of materials are recycled from vehicles
  • The car recycling Industry is contributing $25 billion per year to the national GDP
  • There are 7,000 vehicle recycling facilities or more in the USA today
  • The automotive recycling industry globally is almost 75 years old
  • USA and Canada provides sufficient steel to produce roughly 13 million new vehicles from recycling old ones
  • Just in the USA, the most recycled item is vehicles earning close to $25 billion a year
  • Just in the USA, recycling employs just about 100,000 people
  • Just in the USA almost 12 million vehicles are recycled and in Europe 8 million

So there’s no need any more to waste your time trying to sell your vehicle on Craig’s list, ebay or other sites like that. You don’t need to put an ad in the classifieds of the newspaper or worrying if you should try and trade it in at zero value. Also, stop spending hours searching for towing companies to get rid of, or feeling bad when trying to clean up  your junk car or truck to sell it. PARC will relieve your stress and give you top dollar – all you need to do is give us a call, and we’ll handle all the details, including towing your vehicle for free. And the best part, we’ll pay you for your car!

Call us at (661)949-0048, email us – click here, or visit us at 225 West Avenue H, Lancaster, CA 93534 today. We’ll help you get the best price for your salvaged vehicle or vehicle parts anywhere!

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