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Los Angeles Scrap Metal

If you’re looking for a full-service ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycle facility and processor, you’ve come to the right place. PARC specializes in metal recycling and set up to handle most any amount of scrap you can bring. It is our goal to not only help the environment but also reduce the cost of metal products as well as give you a bit of cash as well. This is because we know the importance of our environment and our natural resources, and with you support, we can turn that unneeded scrap into something that benefits us all.

There’s a whole list of steel items that you can recycle. Going through your garage and storage you may find steel in a variety of things like

  • Baseball bats
  • Steel poles
  • Steel bicycles
  • Steel signs
  • Steel license plates
  • Steel car parts, like bumpers, frames and engine blocks
  • Steel light fixtures
  • Steel cans
  • Steel slides
  • Steel siding
  • Steel golf clubs
  • Steel furniture like chairs, steel tables, or steel outdoor furniture
  • Steel toasters

You can find steel in basically anything. Even old refrigerators, car wheels, pipes, animal cages, etc… Just take a look around your yard, garage and even in your house. You’ll be surprised how surrounded we are with steel. However, the next challenge is parting with it. We do get attached to things or thing “we may need it some day” but the truth is there are many items in our households that sit for years and are never even looked at, let alone used.

You’ll find that steel is also heavily used in most types of construction. Steel scrap can live in piles in back yards, fields and lots filled with steel tubing, pipes, cable, window frames, tanks, railings, old fencing, siding and all kinds of building material. Even in offices, old copiers, printers, chairs, tables and monitors can be found. So take a look around the places you live, work and play and you’ll begin to notice steel everywhere. And if you have permission or you own it, bring it in and we’ll pay you for it.

Call us at (661)949-0048, email us – click here, or visit us at 225 West Avenue H, Lancaster, CA 93534 today. We’ll get you the best possible price for your scrap steel items, no matter what the size!

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